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I hate being in hospitals. My mom was the patient this time instead of me, but my dad threw a tantrum and made me (and a poor nurse) cry. My dad is such an asshole. But my mommy is now a proud owner of a pacemaker! Fuck Asheville Cardiology, though. We’ve known my mom needed a pacemaker for MONTHS now, but since we couldn’t prove it at an exact time, they wouldn’t give her one. It took a fucking expensive trip to the ER after three days of her pulse being in the mid-to-high 30s for them to “catch her heart during an episode” and get the care she needed. She had a “follow-up” appointment with Avl Cardio on the 18th but she obvs couldn’t wait that long; we called them to get the appt moved up and were told “we don’t have any appointments today. We’re not going to fit you in and have you go to the ER instead, IT WOULD BE A WASTE TO GIVE YOU AN APPOINTMENT AND THEN HAVE A SLOT FILLED FOR NO REASON.” Then they told her to go to the ER immediately because her organs could stop working if her pulse was that slow. Been that way for a while now, but okay, assholes. Man, doctors are fucking STUPID and grossly overpaid and held in high esteem for no goddamn reason

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This is almost 2 years of hard work, dedication, and healthy eating 90% of the time…you can enjoy your pancakes and pasta and still reach your goals. Patience is the most important thing. It didn’t take you a week to gain the weight, and it’s not going to take you a week to lose it. I promise it’s possible. If I can do it, anyone can!

 Also just for reference, I am 4’10”.



yeeeeeeeeah this gal lives in asheville. she was a lot of my inspiration to lose weight.

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